Interview: A Fashion GirlBoss in Her Own Words

The Homegirl Project interviewed Nana Agyemang: the CEO and Founder of EveryStylishGirl, journalist, and multimedia strategist, about the importance of representation in the media and what it's like to be a GirlBoss in the fashion world.

by Shermarie Hyppolite

SH: How did you get started in the world of fashion?

NA: Growing up near NYC, I was always in awe of the lavish outfits I saw in the streets of Soho. I would see patterns mixed with textures and colors that I never thought of and was seriously amazed. I could style watch all day and never get sick of it and that’s how I knew one day I’d work in the fashion industry. But my first professional start in fashion was interning at College Fashionista when I was a freshman. I took photos of stylish girls on college campuses and interviewed them about their outfits. From there on, I was a fashion nut.

SH: How did you come up with EveryStylishGirl and what’s the purpose behind the media site.

NA: My goal was to be a voice for the voiceless. So many women of color were killing the game but so little had exposure. I was frustrated with the lack of coverage these women received and I plotted to tell their stories. The idea of ESG came to me in 2015 as a storytelling fashion Instagram page and expanded into a multimedia platform that now brings girl bosses together to network, talk fashion and inspire one another. We strive and will always shed a light on showcasing influential women of color to inspire other women to chase their dreams.

SH: EveryStylishGirl features so many amazing WOC. What does your team look for when choosing women to feature on your site?

NA: We are made up of interns and myself. We work together to keep an eye out for the undiscovered talents in our community. Who is the woman championing her career? Is she super stylish? Is she someone we see motivating others in her space? We also find women through our tags. We are starting a new program for women to be featured in our Instagram stories, since we want to cover more fashion and more girl bosses. So stay tuned for that.

SH: What’s the importance of having sites like homegirl project and EveryStylishGirl that promote career driven women?

NA: There’s so much going on in the world that is negative right now, and having websites that constantly uplift you and tell you you’re great is extremely beneficial to your personal health. I couldn’t handle not having outlets that give me that confidence and assurance I need once in a while and I’m so happy to have been able to create that space for other women.

SH: Do you think EveryStylishGirl has played a role in the discussion of female empowerment and the representation of women of color in the fashion world?

NA: I absolutely do think so. I don’t know of any other platform fixing the pipeline problem in the fashion and media industry. A majority of positions still go to white women in those industries. We are creating a space where women of color can get media and fashion exposure early on so they are qualified for those major companies and brands later on.

SH: EveryStylishGirl shares interviews of women who can be described as bosses. What do you think defines a boss woman?

NA: Someone who is resilient and doesn’t take no for an answer. A woman who doesn’t quit unless she’s satisfied and a motivator.

SH: Who do you look up to?

NA: Oprah.

SH: Can you give some advice to young women hoping to work in the fashion world and or start their own media company?

NA: Be persistent and never take no for an answer. Send a bunch of cold emails and treat people for coffees dates so you could network with them and always take your resume and business card with you on those networking coffee dates. So many of my opportunities have come through me having informal meetings but also coming prepared to those meetings. Truthfully, you could have anything you want in this world, but how hard are you willing to work for it? Ask yourself that.

SH: What do you hope to accomplish in the future, whether that be in your life, EveryStylishGirl, new projects, etc?

NA: ESG is introducing a training program for women who want to elevate their careers and grow as leaders. It’ll be out this month. We are also introducing ESG Tours, where we tell you all our meet up dates and locations - that’s live on the site now. We have our networking brunch, Sip N’ Slay coming up in April and can’t wait to celebrate then. It’s our largest event and always sells out.