Farah Eqbal on Blogging the Feminist Revolution

Meet the Homegirl: Writer, Blogger, Founder of 'The Make of You"

story by Fatima Rizwan

illustration by Vy Nguyen

Words are a powerful, transformative tool that allow us to express ourselves in the most authentic way possible. Although not many possess the art of writing as a way to leave a mark on this world, it's become a tool of feminists and activists to create change. Twenty-three-year-old Farah Eqbal, a Muslim Indian woman, is working as a content officer in Doha. She's one of the up-and-coming activists who's using her writing to connect with her surroundings and bring a change.

Being a positive person in a negative and chaotic world almost feels rebellious, but Farah is not afraid to spread some kindness through her words and soul. She maintains a popular page called ‘The Make of You.’ The aim of her blog, which is to empower women, is what makes her one of the rising global leaders of women's empowerment, particularly outside of the Western world. Although feminism is typically seen in terms of Western women, she's modernizing and blogging it for her fellow women in Doha, the Muslim world, and India.

Reports show that in 2017, despite educational gains, the labor force of women in India was a mere 25%, compared to 82% for men, making it one of the lowest in the world. This is despite India being heralded as the world's largest democracy. Furthermore, women earn a mere 62% of what their male colleagues earn for performing the same work.

Farah, being an Indian herself, is passionate about changing the status quo. She wants women to serve themselves, rather than being seen as a problem to be fixed by men. In other words, she doesn't need sympathy--she needs women to join her in lifting each other up. Currently, Farah is working towards setting up a skills center for women who find difficulty and various obstacles in finding a stable career. She believes that women are rejected by society for reasons out of their control, and if given the proper training, they can contribute to the economic growth of a country. She fervently believes that India cannot grow with only half of its population working to make it better.

Her blog acts as a platform for women and men to share their stories and have a safe space. She hopes to raise more awareness through her writing about women around her and the work that needs to be done to help them gain financial and social stability. Many live a privileged life, and for them to acknowledge that privilege and step down to let others shine is the quality that brings humanity together.

Ultimately, Farah's goal is to bring communities together by empowering women and she uses her writing to do that, showing that whatever talent or platform you have, as a global citizen it is our duty to give back to our communities.