Cheyenne Wyzzard-Jones on Powerful WOC Solidarity

Meet the Homegirl: Founder of @wocsolidarity and Resistance Education

story by Simra Ahmed

illustration by Abigail Estrada

Cheyenne Wyzzard-Jones is revolutionizing the way that we approach feminism and inclusivity in our modern-day environment.

Identifying herself as a young Black queer femme Afro-Caribbean American, Cheyenne uses her multifaceted identity as a source of strength and pride. She wants to harness the power of her story and the stories of others to alter the way black and brown women are liberated.

Cheyenne’s story was developed by her own identity as one of the most marginalized groups in society. Her passion, strength, and beliefs are also influenced by her friends and family. Her belief to stand up when there is injustice created the chapter of leadership and action in her life. Her mother, grandmothers, and friends inspire and influence her on a daily basis to keep fighting for those whose stories are unheard.

Jones’ non-profit, Women of Color in Solidarity, breaks down any stereotypes that nonprofits have by transforming the system. Using various tactics like storytelling, conversing, learning, and sharing and promoting ideals such as education, sisterhood, and community, Jones’ non-profit assists the lives of “women, femmes, and genderfluid people of color” globally.

She runs the world-famous activist Instagram page @wocsolidarity and her own non-profit Women of Color in Solidarity, both of which inspire and encourage others to tell share own stories. The Instagram page, which boasts nearly 20 thousand followers, exists for WOC to, in Cheyenne's words, "Heal, educate, elevate, liberate, create, vibe, and talk out sh*t." The basis of creating an Instagram page and a nonprofit came from her philosophy of storytelling and loving and supporting others.

Her social media platform allows her to spread her message of love and support and create a community of connections to encourage others to speak up and speak out. Cheyenne does recognize the dangers of social media: it can be all talk and no action. It can take away from the larger movement and issue at hand. However, she chooses to emphasize the beauty of connection and the worldwide platform social media delivers. In her beliefs, social media allows the powerful and rebellious stories of women to be told to millions of people around the world.

The environment that is cultivated from the Women of Color in Solidarity Instagram page is one filled with respect and kindness, where people globally can communicate, relate, and unite through stories and work together for the larger cause.

The importance of storytelling is immeasurable; Cheyenne sincerely believes the hardships and struggles that black and brown women all around the world experience everyday will become much more manageable once the stories of “Queer Trans Black Indigenous Hood Femmes” are heard, shared, supported, and understood.