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Director of Marketing

This is an executive board position, which requires strong dedication towards THP and our vision.

The main duties of the Director of Marketing includes:

  • creating graphics to post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

  • representing the THP brand and maintaining a positive online presence/image, making sure that whatever you put online is in alignment with THP's mission, current initiatives, and agenda

  • communicating on social media with DMs, messages, comments, questions, etc.

  • communicate with the Executive Director/Deputy Executive Director regularly about how to present THP initiatives on social media, what to post, etc.

  • contact collaborators/partners on social media for takeovers

  • attend monthly board meetings

Time commitment: <2 hours a week (mainly making the posts on social media)



  • creative, artsy

  • preferably has previous experience in graphic design using any graphic design software/platform (Canva, Adobe, etc)

  • effective and timely communication, replies quickly

  • time management skills, can do their tasks on time

  • share our vision of empowering WOC

You do NOT need previous experience in social activism/organizing. 

Editor in Chief

The main duties of the Editor in Chief includes:

  • Monitor submissions of GirlTalk articles (through a google form)

  • Read and Edit articles for GirlTalk Blog

  • Communicate with authors about their work

Time commitment: <2 hours a week (can coordinate with other EICs on dividing up the work)



  • experience working with publications (magazines, school newspapers, journals, etc.)

  • passion for writing

  • good grammatical sense 

  • detail-oriented

  • responsible and timely

  • effective communication

You do NOT need previous experience in social activism/organizing.

Feel free to read our previous stories on our GirlTalk Blog

Committee Member

Committees available:

  • Marketing committee: help design graphics for social media, track social media engagement, interact with people/orgs on social media, create any designs we need

  • Programs committee: help organize any programs we do, help develop initiatives (Example: hosting an event for International Women's Day)

  • Fellowship committee: help organize the Fellowship program every fall semester, help create a curriculum and plan webinars/guest speakers, track the Fellows' progress and provide guidance

  • Outreach committee: acquire collaborations with other organizations, try to get THP coverage in news outlets/media, look for opportunities for THP to expand our reach

Preferred characteristics for each committee:

  • Marketing: creative, artsy, social media savvy

  • Programs: detail-oriented, creative ideas, takes initiative

  • Fellowship: eager to help, detail-oriented, great organizational skills

  • Outreach: ambitious, not afraid to talk to people/ cold-emailing

You do not need to have all of those traits. Those are mostly for you to gauge for yourself which committee you want to be in. 

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