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the homegirl project

A political training incubator.

A mentorship community. A revolution.

'22 fellowship.

  • The application is due by 11:59pm EST, January 22nd, 2022

  • Finalists will be contacted for an online interview late January

  • Final Decisions will be out by late January

  • The program runs from February 2022 - May 2022

More Information on our Fellowship Page & Apply Here!

our mission.

Homegirl Project is a youth-led organization that empowers the next generation of girls and non-binary youth of color to become political leaders in our communities. We don't just want a seat at the table where decisions are made -- we want to build our own table, one that's big enough for us all.

Our mission is simple: Homegirl Project provides girls of color with accessible political resources so that they're amplified, mentored, and prepared to lead change. In doing so, we disrupt harmful narratives around girls of color, foster intergenerational solidarity, and develop girls' capacity for long-term leadership. Because by ourselves, we're a one-person show. But with our Homegirls? We're a movement.

our work.


 You can't be what you can't see, and people of color are historically under-represented in positions of power. Our blog, GirlTalk, features 100+ interviews and essays about inspiring WOC. Additionally, in 2019 we ran the #Homegirl Ambassadors program, an online, inter-generational mentorship program that matched 45 girls with professionals in their career fields. 

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We often hear that 'girls are the future,' but Homegirl Project believes girls are the present.  Homegirl Fellows makes political leadership accessible to girls through our first-of-its-kind digital political fellowship. We select and train 10 Fellows annually in advocacy skills, helping them execute a Political Action Project project that mobilizes their own communities.


Homegirl Project is not just online: we're in the streets, as well. Homegirl Project organizes political campaigns that center and activate girl leaders of color. So far, we organized the viral #SlamGunViolence poetry campaign and summit in San Francisco. We also joined forces with PERIOD to co-hosted the first-ever National Period Day Rally in NYC.

our impact.

our 2020-21 team.

our past writers.

our values.

young people to the front.

Young people are often excluded from mainstream feminist movements and underrepresented in political leadership. Since young WOC are the future, we created a space by young people, for young people. While our approach is intergenerational—most of our mentors are adults—our driving force is the energy of youth who are seeking a better world.

inclusivity matters.

WOC are not a monolith, and we don't believe in a 'one size fits all' approach to leadership. Instead, our team spans national and international boundaries, consciously amplifying individuals who don't normally get amplified, including youth and emerging creators. Our (virtual) doors are open to all WOC—cis/het not required. 

our stories, our voices.